Speed Up The Critique Of Men & Masculinities To Break Up All-Male Monocultures

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Men | ContraPoints

Men By ContraPoints

„The traditional protector/provider role of men is being replaced by a more equal and undefined gender dynamic. And college professors and activists are telling men that most of our cultures aspirational representations of manhood are toxic and bad. But without an attractive replacement vision of aspirational manhood, average young men can only envisoin their future as what? […]
So while feminism tells women you hate your body and you’re constantly doubting yourself because the society did this to you and needs to change, we kinda just tell men you are lonely and suicidal because you are toxic. Stop it! We tell them that they’re broken without really telling them how to fix themselves. I think what we need, is a new, positive ideal of manhood, which I don’t think is something that women create for men, even if they wanted to.“
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