Voices of the New Masculinity

How masculinity is morphing and modernizing, according to 18 influential people who are shaping our culture now.

By Nora Caplan-Bricker GQ
  1. Jaboukie Young-White The Comedian Pushing Wokeness Forward with Jokes GQ
  2. Thomas Page McBee on…Recognizing the Power of His Own Privilege
  3. Asia Kate Dillon The Actor Who Brought Gender Nonconformity to America’s Living Rooms GQ
  4. Liz Plank on…the “Marie Kondo Approach to Gender”
  5. Al Freeman The Soft-Sculpture Artist Playing with the Tropes of Toxicity
  6. Tarana Burke on…How to Break Through to Men
  7. Collier Schorr The A-List Photographer Whose Subject Is Often Gender Itself
  8. Katrina Karkazis on…the Science of Masculinity
  9. Kevin Love The NBA Star Making a Case for a New Kind of Toughness
  10. Blair Braverman on…Occupying Traditionally Male Spaces
  11. John Waters The Filmmaker Who’s Been Rethinking Masculinity Since Before It Was Cool
  12. Aymann Ismail on…His Modern Muslim Marriage
  13. Killer Mike & Shana Render The Hip-Hop Lovebirds with an Activist Streak
  14. Clint Smith on…What It Takes to Be a Good Dad
  15. Hannah Gadsby The Comic Who’s Taking on Toxic Masculinity
  16. EJ Johnson on…The Joys of the Male Beauty Movement
  17. Will Welch Masculinity is changing—and change is good.
  18. Pharrell Williams on Evolving Masculinity and “Spiritual Warfare”

Pharrell on Evolving Masculinity and “Spiritual Warfare”

Pushing the masculinity conversation forward with one of pop culture’s most influential futurists.

By Will Welch GQ

Welch: „Something I’ve heard you say before is: It’s time for women to lead.“

Pharrell: „I keep saying that! Man, what would the world be like if women held all of the highest positions worldwide? Women are waking up every day, more and more, to the fact that they have the power. Women, millennials, and the Gen-Zers have the power. And there are a lot of men who recognize their privilege, and they use it for good. We’re such a capable species. We have the ability if we can just galvanize for good. The only thing we got to do is balance the scales. We have to understand power. And who has it.“

New Masculinity Issue, Starring Pharrell

Masculinity is changing—and change is good.

By Will Welch GQ

„The centerpiece of the issue is an extended package, captained by the journalist Nora Caplan-Bricker, called “Voices of the New Masculinity.” In it we hear directly from people who are actively engaging with the complex and shape-shifting inquiry around what masculinity means today. […]

To capture even more voices, we also conducted a survey in which we asked 1,005 Americans about their thoughts and feelings on the state of masculinity now. The responses suggest that a seismic change is indeed under way—and that we still have a lot of work to do.“

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