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„Taking the red pill, but make it fashion.“
  • Axiom – Americas Next Top Victim
  • Proposition – Diary Of An Ex-Man
  • Postulate – The Man Question
  • Theorem – What Do?

“In this video I wanna ask, in all seriousness, what are we going to do about men? Because, no offense, but as a group you guys kind of seem like you are not doing okay. […] You boys, you are very rational, aren’t you? Ugh. […] Look, I wanna play by your rules, okay? So there will be no emotions in this video. I will present my arguments in strict logical form, relying only on facts, reason, evidence and deductive proof. Actually, you know what? Fuck that! Let’s listen to house music and do sex drugs! […]

Another good thing of becoming a woman is I integrated into female social groups, and I found that they provide a kind of communal support in overt affection that male social groups generally just don’t. I find the female social style suits me better than the male one, which tends to be more atomized, more individualist, where affection is always concealed behind this semi-jokey front of competition. Like think about the way boys talk to each other when they are playing video games. […]

I think there is some truth to the idea that women’s perceived vulnerability can make them powerful and men’s perceived power can make them vulnerable. […] I don’t actually think there is a single definite answer to the vague and useless question, which gender has it worse? […]

The traditional protector/provider role of men is being replaced by a more equal and undefined gender dynamic. And college professors and activists are telling men that most of our cultures aspirational representations of manhood are toxic and bad. But without an attractive replacement vision of aspirational manhood, average young men can only envisoin their future as what? […]

So while feminism tells women you hate your body and you’re constantly doubting yourself because the society did this to you and needs to change, we kinda just tell men you are lonely and suicidal because you are toxic. Stop it! We tell them that they’re broken without really telling them how to fix themselves. I think what we need, is a new, positive ideal of manhood, which I don’t think is something that women create for men, even if they wanted to.”

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