The Artist in the Age of Meta-Masculinity

Essay by Madeline Lane-McKinley

„Meta-masculinity describes an endless process of navel-gazing that — in the name of de-centering — re-centers white masculinity. It is the oblique reclamation of a universal subjectivity. It absorbs empathic energies from everywhere in its reach. It is a process around which all else orbits. Meta-masculinity is #NotAllMen. Meta-masculinity is a form of liberal feminist-credentialing that obscures contemporary versions of chauvinism. It is driven by a hope that masculinity can be exceeded by a more perfect articulation of masculinity, rather than as the abolition of gender. It is specific to whiteness.

Meta-masculinity is hours spent listening to, translating for, compromising with – in the absence of reciprocity, or its fathomability. It is verbosely answering, but never asking, “how are you?” Meta-masculinity is a dynamic, a set of social conditions, not a specific instance or isolated interaction; however, it attempts to reform masculinity through modifiable behaviors, aesthetics, and cultural minutiae. It is a mutation. It is crisis as stasis. Meta-masculinity is masculinity folding in on itself, endlessly, under pressure.“

Disaster Artists – “I was crying real tears” – Under Pressure – Disappearing Acts – Deflection Artists

Via Blind Field

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