The Guys Guide To Feminism | By Michael Kaufman and Michael Kimmel

The Guy’s Guide to Feminism Seal Press

By Michael Kaufman & Michael Kimmel

„ALLY – Men as allies of women

  1. not an act of collective guilt, collective shame, or collective blame
  2. an act of collective love for the women in our lives
  3. strengthening our connection with women
  4. seeing that we have a common cause
  5. because we believe in the goodness of men
  6. what this book is all about“

In just one generation, age-old ideas about women have been swept aside . . . but what does that have to do with men? Authors Michael Kaufman and Michael Kimmel, two of the world’s leading male advocates of gender equality, believe it has everything to do with them, and that it’s crucial to educate men about feminism in order for them to fully understand just how important and positive these changes have been for them.

Kaufman and Kimmel address these issues in The Guy’s Guide to Feminism. Hip and accessible, it contains nearly a hundred entries,from Autonomy“ to Zero Tolerance“,written in varying tones (humorous, satirical, irreverent, thoughtful, and serious) and in many forms ( top ten“ lists, comics, interviews, mini-stories, and more).

Each topic celebrates the ongoing gains that are improving the lives of women and girls,and what that really means for men.Informal and fun yet substantive and intelligent, The Guy’s Guide to Feminism illustrates how understanding and supporting feminism can help men live richer, fuller, and happier lives.


„Both of us, both Michael K’s, have had the same conversation over and over with the men we meet. Happens when we visit university campuses. Happens when we’re speaking in a community. Damn, it happens with our own sons.

A guy stands up. Says, „I believe in equality and all that. But it’s been years since women needed feminism.“ Another jumps in, „I mean, who actually calls themselves a feminist anymore?“ A third says, „And even if they did, we’ve gone beyond all that women battling men thing, haven’t we?“

We’ve each written a bunch of books and we each speak to a ton of men and women every year. But we figured it was high time that we actually answered those questions.

We believe that, whatever any of us think about the label, the ideas of feminism are still relevant. More than that, we figure that these ideas are relevant not only to women, but very much to men.

And in a good way. One of the things we want to show is that in spite of all the garbage jokes and media stereotypes, feminism is also an amazing gift to us guys. Even if bits of it might make us uneasy, it holds out the promise of better relationships, better lives for the women we love, and better lives for ourselves. Strange but true.

So, here it is, laid out from A to Z. Read it. Cheer. Hiss. Laugh. Cry. Cheer again…“


„A relevant, inclusive, funny, and straight-to-the-point explanation of how and why feminism improves life for the male half of the world, too.“

Gloria Steinem

„Feminism touches everyone, every day. Kaufman and Kimmel guide us through a conversation that is imperative in our society−and they do it with clarity and humor.“

Donald McPherson, former NFL Quarterback and College Football Hall of Fame

„The Guy’s Guide to Feminism is the book for guys on how to be more authentic and fight for a more just world.“

Courtney E. Martin, author and editor at

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